What do you get when you ask employees to work overtime, refuse to pay them beyond 40 hours and require them to make deliveries in their own personal vehicles? The answer: a lawsuit.

A bakery in Baltimore has been ordered to pay employees overtime for deliveries they made in their own cars beyond 40 hours per week. While the vehicles and overtime may not seem connected at first, the combination is what cinched the win for the workers.

Professional motor carriers that deliver goods, like Schmidt Baking Company, are generally exempt from laws requiring overtime payment for employees who work more than 40 hours per week. However, because the employees making deliveries drove their own small, passenger vehicles, the motor carrier exemption is waived. While the company does own and use larger tractor trailers for some deliveries, the employees in question say 70 to 90 percent of their deliveries were made in their own cars.

While no indication was given as to exactly how much affected employees would receive for the overtime they are owed, this is indeed a huge win for workers at Schmidt. We congratulate the workers for standing up for their rights and not backing down from a fight even when initial litigation did not go their way.

Overtime law can be confusing, especially for workers who believe their employers are looking out for their best interests. The reality is that they are most likely looking after their own bottom lines. If you or someone you love believe they are being taken advantage of by their employer, talk to a Virginia employment lawyer as soon as possible.

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