A San Diego laboratory has been ordered to pay $2 million in fines after facing allegations of defrauding the federal government. The lab, Biotheranostics, Inc. performed the Breast Cancer Index test on patients who did not need it done. Necessary only for cancer patients who have been in remission for five or more years and those taking tamoxifen, the test was performed on a number of patients who did not qualify. Under Medicare statutes, only tests deemed necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of a person’s injury or illness may be ordered.

Billions of Dollars of Fraud

Knowingly performing and promoting unnecessary tests is a violation of the False Claims Act. Designed to prevent government fraud, the act punishes companies found to be exploiting their relationship with Medicare for monetary gain. The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates that such behaviors cost the nation around $68 billion per year.

Allegations Only

It’s important to point out that there has been no official determination of liability. The laboratory was willing to pay the fines solely based on the accusations against them. The allegations and the fines serve as a deterrent for other health care facilities considering defrauding Medicare and other government agencies. Unfortunately, though, the False Claims Act is not enough to prevent the millions of dollars each year

The Importance of Whistleblowers

Many fraud cases only come to light because of employees willing to blow the whistle on their employers. If you believe your employer is defrauding the government and wish to report them, consider consulting with an attorney about your options. The rewards could be great for both you and your fellow Americans.

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