We trust our employers to have our best interests at heart, but when the budget is cut, even the most trustworthy manager can be pressured into altering time sheets. That’s what some Richmond mail carriers say happened to their hours at the post office.

47 Richmond mail carriers have filed a complaint against the U.S. Postal Service for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. These current and former employees say they were not paid for the overtime hours they worked, and records of their time was not kept accurately.

This complaint is similar to another filed last month. Both complaints cited budget cuts and stressed out supervisors as part of the reasoning behind the unpaid overtime. “On information and belief, supervisors are instructed and/or encouraged by management not to exceed certain labor cost thresholds and incentivized with bonuses for keeping overtime premium payments low,” the complaint read.

Workers say half hour lunch breaks were automatically deducted from their hours even if no lunch break was taken. They also say they are overworked – many times, employees can’t finish their route before their shift is officially over.

For many American workers, this kind of treatment sounds all too familiar. The postal service is just one of many employers who allegedly fail to compensate their workers fairly. For employees who are overworked, lunch breaks are often impossible – and staying late is almost a guarantee. Still, they face an uphill battle from employers who are hesitant to compensate these people for their work.

These two complaints may be just the beginning for the Richmond area postal service. With more and more folks coming forward, there’s hope that the supervisors there will alter their strategies. In the meantime, we encourage anyone with concerns about being paid fairly to reach out to our team.

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