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Tonya Mallory, the former CEO of Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc., is being sued by the federal government for her alleged participation in a “kickback scheme.” According to the government, the company defrauded health insurance programs.

According to sources, the woman is one of five defendants named in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in South Carolina.

Four months ago, the federal government unsealed whistleblower complaints against Mallory, the company, and several others.

The company itself is not involved with the most recent lawsuit due to the fact that it agreed to pay the government a hefty sum to settle the allegations. In the settlement, HDL admitted to making mistakes.

A company statement noted the following:

“So, while many of our competitors remain subject to that investigation, we are pleased to have put this matter in our rear view mirror.”

Since Mallory did not settle in April, like HDL, she is now faced with a lawsuit involving the federal government.

Whistleblower Protection

Are you aware of illegal practices going on at your workplace, but are afraid of being retaliated against if you report them? Or maybe you have already reported illegal practices, and have been fired or demoted? If so, you may want to speak to an experienced whistleblower attorney.

There are federal laws in place that protect and reward whistleblowers that shed light on individuals or companies that are engaged in fraudulent activities. For more information visit our Whistleblower Protection page, or contact us to discuss your situation.

A new holiday recognizing whistleblowers has been proposed by the National Whistleblower Center. July 30, 1778 is the day the Continental Congress enacted the first whistleblower law – and the day proposed to honor whistleblowers each year. Senator Chuck Grassley recently convinced the Senate to pass a resolution urging on this celebration, but nothing has been made official yet.

The push for such a celebration comes after a series of high profile whistleblower cases in the public eye. Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are just two such whistleblowers charged with leaking classified information in recent months. Of course, one person’s leaker or traitor is another’s whistleblower. In any case, we should be thankful for the sacrifices of such people willing to risk their reputation for exposing the truth.

The eighth annual Whistleblower Summit was recently held in Washington, D.C. to help honor the proposed July 30th celebration. Organized by the Make it Safe coalition, the summit provides a support network for those feeling isolated by their whistleblower status. It aims to change the public perception of whistleblowers from traitors to heroes. The summit also hopes to provide lobbying training to those who could assist in the passing of transparency legislation.

Though Whistleblower Appreciation Day has not yet been made official, its mission remains vital to our country and what it stands for. As the role of the whistleblower continues to evolve and change, it is important that we recognize the role they play in our corporations and government throughout the nation.

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