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Sex for Career Boost; TV Host Files Lawsuit Against Fox CEO

Fox News anchorwoman Gretchen Carlson has a sexual harassment suit against 21st Century Fox’s chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes. The former Fox News Channel host says that throughout her time at the network, Ailes propositioned her. When she refused, Ailes allegedly retaliated by sabotaging Carlson’s career. Her popular show, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, was canceled in June. Carlson says there is a direct connection between her refusal to sleep with Ailes and the cancellation of her show.

Beyond the propositioning, Carlson says she also faced problematic comments about her body from Ailes. He routinely complimented her outfits and the way they complemented her figure. He requested she turn around so he could view her from the back, the suit alleges.

It’s not just Ailes who targeted Carlson. Her co-host on Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy, also allegedly treated her in a sexist, condescending manner on a regular basis. Carlson’s lawsuit points out moments on live television when Doocy would put hands on her to get her to stop talking.

Ailes has called the lawsuit defamatory and denies any wrongdoing. 21st Century Fox has defended their CEO and announced an internal review of the claims against both Ailes and Doocy.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

This high profile case highlights a common issue rarely voiced in the workplace: sexual harassment. Statistics show that one in four women will be harassed at work in some way. Whether it is outright harassment like inappropriate touching or more subversive, like a coworker creating a hostile work environment, sexual harassment occurs more frequently than most people realize. Even women in high-ranking, highly visible positions – like Carlson – are often put into uncomfortable, unethical scenarios by their colleagues and managers.

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Jenny R. Yang, well known for being the Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), recently announced the 16 members of the agency’s Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace.

Earlier this year, Yang announced the creation of the Select Task Force, which will focus on how to address and prevent workplace harassment.

She noted the following:

“Through creation of this Select Task Force, I hope we will reach more workers and more in the employer community so we can understand the challenges they face and promote the practices we’ve seen work. I really look forward to the results.”

The Select Task Force is made up of 16 members, ranging in location around the United States. These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, including but not limited to: academia, legal practitioners, organized labor, and social science.

For a complete list of Special Task Force members, visit this page of the EEOC website.

Even though it is impossible to completely do away with all forms of workplace harassment, the formation of this task force is a step in the right direction.