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A race discrimination lawsuit against Newport News Industrial Corp. continues to get worse for the company, with 26 more former and current workers adding their name to the original lawsuit.

The original lawsuit, which was filed by eight workers last year, alleges that workers were denied pay increases and promotions because they were African American. Furthermore, they contend they were subjected to a hostile work environment.

The lawsuit examines many of the alleged acts, such as this one outlined by an article in the Daily Press:

“In one case, the suit alleges, a white supervisor holding the noose showed it to a black worker while a white co-worker laughed. Another time, the suit contends, black workers discovered a noose hanging from an air filter.”

Currently, there are 34 plaintiffs in the lawsuit, with 21 of the people still working for Newport News Industrial Corp. The lawsuit also includes retaliation and wrongful termination claims among many of the workers who are longer part of the company.

While the company has yet to file a response, it is safe to assume this is coming in the near future. From there, the 34 plaintiffs will continue to fight for their rights.

Virginia Employment Lawyer – Cindra Dowd

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