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The Norfolk Police Department is being sued by more than 300 police officers who are declaring that they were forced to work overtime without being compensated. Duties such as the cleaning of weapons, arriving to court early, and working through breaks were forced to be done without pay. According to the complaint as many as 700 officers, past and present, may have been affected by these policies.

The lawsuit also states that it is a violation of state law that the Norfolk police department doesn’t pay overtime until an officer has surpassed 43 hours within a seven day period. quotes James Shoemaker, one of the attorneys representing the officers, “This is simply a case where… officers have not been getting paid in accordance with state and federal law.”

Within the past 20 years, similar lawsuits were filed in Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. In July of 2012, Richmond police officers and the City of Richmond settled a similar lawsuit which involved over 600 officers.