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The Virginia Department of Transportation has paid more than $300,000 to resolve two workplace racial discrimination lawsuits.

According to court papers, a black highway worker faced harassment from coworkers and abuse from superiors following a promotion in 2010.

Furthermore, and to make the situation worse, some of the same workers started to harass a white civil rights manager who was also employed by the Virginia Department of Transportation. This came about after she was assigned to investigate the case.

In the summer of 2013, the black highway worker charged retaliation and racial discrimination in his lawsuit, while the civil rights manager charged retaliation.

At first, the state contested the allegations. However, its stance eventually changed, which led to both cases being settled before heading to trial late last year. In addition to a settlement paid to both individuals, the state must pay for legal bills as well.

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Harassment is unwelcome behavior based on color, race, sex, religion, age, national origin, genetic information, or disability. This becomes unlawful when the enduring conduct becomes a regular condition of employment and/or the conduct is severe enough to create a hostile environment in which the victim feels uncomfortable. If harassment has created a hostile environment at your workplace, and your employer has not taken any steps to stop it, you may want to contact an employment lawyer. If you’d like to discuss your situation contact our Virginia Employment Lawyers.

As far as the food industry is concerned, there are not many brands more well known than McDonald’s. Unfortunately for the fast food giant, a group of former workers from Virginia are suing the company for racial discrimination.

Nine of the 10 plaintiffs are African-American and the other is Hispanic. All of them believe they were wrongfully terminated and replaced with primarily white workers.

In addition to discrimination, the plaintiffs also claim that women who worked at the restaurant were sexually harassed, which included being groped.

In most cases similar to this one, it is the franchisee that is sued when a question of discrimination comes to the forefront. With this one, however, the plaintiffs feel that McDonald’s should be held responsible. The lawsuit adds:

“In order to maximize its profit, McDonald’s Corporate has control over nearly every aspect of its restaurants’ operations. Though nominally independent, franchised McDonald’s restaurants are predominantly controlled by McDonald’s.”

The lawsuit can be viewed here.

Have you been a Victim of Race/Color Discrimination?

The law strictly forbids race/color discrimination in any aspect of employment, including: hiring, firing, job responsibilities, pay, layoff, promotions, benefits, and training. It is against the law to harass an applicant or employee because of their race or skin color.

Where you denied a  job opportunity because of your race? Are you being discriminated against because of the color of your skin? These are serious situations that should be dealt with accordingly. Contact a Virginia Employment Law Attorney to discuss your legal rights immediately 877-544-5323.

Recently, two former drug detectives filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the Municipality of Anchorage. Now that the closing arguments are out of the way, it is up to the jury to decide the outcome.

Both men had worked for the police department for more than 20 years before leaving as a result of an alleged hostile work environment. An attorney for the men argued that they were discriminated against because of their race. He also noted that they were passed over for assignments and promotions as well.

Both men are asking for $2 million for wages they could have earned had they been able to continue working, along with compensation for mental anguish. Now that the 20 day long trial has come to an end, it is a waiting game to see what the jury decides.

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Have you faced a similar issue at your place of employment in the past? If so, you also have the right to hire an attorney. If you’d like to speak with one of our Virginia Employment Law Attorneys contact us today 877-544-5323.