VA Beach Restauranteur Ordered to Back Pay Employees

The owner of the Virginia Beach Melting Pot restaurant is in hot water after¬†allegations that he did not pay his employees minimum wage or overtime hours. The lawsuit details the unfair ways the owner exploited employees and shortchanged them money that they were owed for the time they worked. Per a settlement¬†between the Labor Department […] February 20, 2019 READ MORE

Construction Exec Fired Asst After FMLA Request

A Virginia executive assistant has been awarded $50,555 after being unfairly retaliated against by her supervisor. The woman was fired soon after requesting time off under the Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. She says her supervisor placed an advertisement to find her replacement the day after requesting two weeks off for multiple sclerosis treatment. […] May 10, 2018 READ MORE

Norfolk Southern settles racial discrimination allegations

More than 2,000 African-Americans who applied for jobs with Norfolk Southern will see payouts from the company. That news comes after the Norfolk-based railroad company agreed to settle allegations of race discrimination for nearly $500,000 in back pay and interest. The company did not admit liability, but will pay $492,000 to 2,086 African-Americans who applied […] July 13, 2016 READ MORE