Summer jobs are an important part of adolescence, an opportunity not only to earn spending money, but a chance to learn and grow as a person. Many times, though, teens taking their first jobs are ripe for manipulating. While we’d love to believe employers have their workers’ best interest at hearts, the reality is that that isn’t always true.

A recent report from the Huffington Post highlighted the wage theft struggles fast casual employees face. Workers are Ruby Tuesday were required to complete checklists of duties before and after clocking in for their shift. Similarly, Outback Steakhouse required employees to do pre-shift work known as “Outback time.” A Papa John’s franchise in New York was found to be shaving employees’ hours by rounding down to the nearest whole number.

All of these restaurants employ teens and young adults not accustomed to advocating for themselves. Many teens are simply too timid to confront their employers about pay discrepancies. Others may not understand the complicated math that goes into determining post-tax wages. No matter the explanation, companies are routinely taking advantage of employees in fast casual restaurants.

If your son or daughter takes on a job this summer, educate them on worker’s rights. Make sure they clarify their exact pay rate before accepting a position, and help them monitor their hours. When payday comes, have them compare hours worked with the number of hours they were paid for. These are lessons that all workers should be doing, but many don’t have an adult helping them navigate unchartered waters!

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