Many of us feel overworked and underpaid: for information technology professionals, it’s not just a feeling – it’s reality.

A new survey reveals that most IT professionals work unpaid overtime each week. The survey, which includes responses from nearly 140 IT workers, was recently conducted by Lieberman Software.​ The results were shocking: 74 percent of IT professionals say they work overtime – but receive no extra compensation for their time.

34 percent say they work about 15 extra hours per week unpaid. Another 15 percent say they work between 10 and 15 extra hours. About 10 percent said they work about five to nine hours of unpaid overtime weekly. Only 26 percent of respondents said they typically return home on time.

IT professionals are the quiet heroes of most workplaces. With our society becoming more dependent upon technology than ever, companies rely upon IT workers to ensure the safety and success of their online presence. When they’re successful, IT workers are mostly unnoticed – and unsung. But when something goes wrong, these employees are the first to be blamed. Many time, they’re also the first to be asked to stay late.

The survey revealed another shocking reality: that most IT workers don’t have any professional training on new security products. Some even admitted they never use certain products simply because they don’t have the time in their day to teach themselves to use it.

This survey, though relatively small, shows just how unfairly IT workers are treated. No one should be expected to donate their free time to their employer. We encourage anyone – IT worker or otherwise – with concerns about their overtime hours to reach out for a free, no-risk consultation.

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