The United States Department of Labor has filed suit against Oracle, a California-based tech company. The lawsuit alleges that Oracle discriminates against women and minorities, paying them less than white male employees. The company also hires Asian employees more frequently than other races for product development and technical roles, the suit alleges.

This comes on the heels of a two-year long investigation into the company’s hiring practices. Because Oracle is federally contracted, they’re not allowed to discriminate based on gender, race, gender identity, sexual orientation or national origin. Should Oracle lose this case, they stand to lose millions of dollars in federal contracts.

The company insists that the allegations are not true, and that the complaints are politically motivated. The Department of Labor, though, says Oracle refused to fully cooperate with the investigation and did not provide records and employment data when asked.

Unfortunately, the Silicon Valley world has a reputation for valuing certain races and genders more than others. White and Asian men dominate the tech industry, so there has been a push in recent years to diversify. Progress has been relatively slow, though. The Department of Labor has been working to investigate claims of discrimination throughout the industry.

This fall, the government filed suit against another tech company, Palantir, for discriminating against minority applicants. They also recently asked Google to provide their compensation records during an audit. The company refused, insisting they don’t want to reveal confidential data. The battle will continue on, though, as long as tech companies proceed with their unfair hiring practices.

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