Whistleblowers play a valuable role to the government and the corporate world. Through uncovering fraud, they can save the government and everyday consumers enormous amounts of money and time.

When companies hear about whistleblowers revealing unethical and improper practices taking place, there can often be significant (illegal) repercussions facing the whistleblower. Wrongful termination, retaliation, and hush money are just a few outlets that companies use to prevent a whistle from being blown.

The United States government has established strong laws to protect whistleblowers and compensate them for taking the risk to uncover fraudulent behavior.

Is This Happening at Your Job?

  • Have you witnessed healthcare fraud?
  • Have you uncovered illegal activity at your job place?
  • Is your company stealing from the U.S. Government by overcharging, double-billing, improperly billing or improperly coding?
  • Have you witnessed fraud against the Department of Defense?
  • Is your company committing SEC/Securities fraud?
  • Are you being punished or treated adversely because you had the courage to blow the whistle?

If you have been brave enough to reveal unsafe, fraudulent, or deceitful practices within your company, you should not be punished.  If you are aware of unsafe, fraudulent, or deceitful practices within your company, but have not come forward, you need guidance.  In both instances, you deserve the protection that the law affords you. Do not stand by and be bullied into silence by your company.

Federal Laws that Reward Whistleblowers

Below are five federal laws that reward whistleblowers, and they cover most areas of the American economy. These laws are:

  • The False Claims Act: aims to reward whistleblowers that expose fraud and dishonesty in government contracting
  • The Internal Revenue Act: aims to reward whistleblowers that expose tax fraud and underpayment of taxes
  • The Securities and Exchange Act: aims to reward whistleblowers for uncovering Wall Street fraud
  • The Commodity Exchange Act: aims to reward whistleblowers for revealing fraud in the commodities markets
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: aims to reward whistleblowers for exposing international bribery and improper internal control of spending in publicly traded corporations.

Whistleblower Protection Act

Thanks to Congress’ Whistleblower Protection Act, passed in 1989, whistleblowers are granted certain protections under the law. This act and the ones mentioned above were passed to encourage employees to report fraudulent behavior without fear of repercussion. Unfortunately, companies still attempt to stifle whistleblowers with hush money, and retaliation such as demotions, pay cuts, or layoffs. This is when whistleblowers need help.

Contact Attorney Cindra Dowd

Virginia Employment LawyerCindra is experienced in whistleblower protection and litigation, and can help you through the legal process of being a whistleblower.  Having a dedicated and experienced litigator on your side can help you gain back what you have lost through retaliation.

If you have uncovered improper actions taking place in your company, do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you in receiving the protection and rewards that you deserve.

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