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Discriminatory hiring practices and the use of racial epithets are just some of the reasons former Norfolk shipyard employees say they have filed a lawsuit. Seventeen former employees say that Lyon Shipyard, Inc. discriminated against them based on their race. Court documents reveal that supervisors referred to African American employees using racial slurs and paid them and Hispanic workers less than their white counterparts.

The plaintiffs say that was far from the end of the mistreatment. Racist graffiti at work sites included swastikas, KKK insignia and the “N” word. One employee says their co-worker tied a noose and waved it on board the deck of a Navy ship. When supervisors were told of such problems, none of the concerns were addressed.

Unfortunately, the plaintiffs say the mistreatment extended into the kind of work they were assigned, too. Jobs thought of as dirty, difficult and dangerous were assigned to minority employees more frequently than white ones. Even when taking on such duties, Hispanic and African American employees were paid less than their white counterparts, they say.

It is hard to believe that in 2017, this kind of abhorrent treatment is still occurring. One would hope that the merits of a worker would be judged based upon their work ethic and skills, not the color of their skin. These employees have every right to pursue a lawsuit against such unfair employers. Discrimination like the aforementioned behavior isn’t just unethical, it’s illegal. We can only hope that the people who acted in this way are held responsible for their actions.

Have you been a Victim of Race/Color Discrimination?

Where you denied a  job opportunity because of your race? Are you being discriminated against because of the color of your skin? These are serious situations that should be dealt with accordingly.

With a Virginia employment attorney on your side, you know your rights will be protected at all times.

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